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Published: 13th August 2010
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Clarity India Learning Solutions is a subsidiary of Young India Films, and focuses on Primary, Montessori and Secondary Education. Our products make the entire learning process lots of fun and focuses on concepts like Activity based Learning offering high quality Teaching Learning material and a lot more.

We offer a wide range of World class products and solutions from companies like WePlay (TW), Polydron (UK), Learning mates (USA), Sports & Playbase (UK). Our products focus on child development covering areas of:

* Physical development

* Tactile perception

* Motor skills & cognitive skills

* Logical reasoning

* Math Lab

* Geometry

* English

* Brain teasers & puzzles

Our solutions are ideal for Play Schools, Nursery Schools, Montessori Schools, Elementary Schools, Deaf & Dumb Schools, Day Care Centers, Blind Schools, Mentally Retard Children, NGO's who are in the field of education for small children and also for school children with special needs and disabled children.

Clarity, U.K. offers a very innovative range of customized English Teaching Software Courses from England having a rich multimedia content and strong emphasis on key Learning Areas of Study Skills, Listening, Grammar, Speaking, IELTS preparation, Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Exam Preparation, Pronunciation, Authoring, Integrated Skills, and more.

Clarity Programs :

We would like to highlight that Clarity from UK are one of the most popular range of English Teaching Software courses and this fact is endorsed by the following Customers Worldwide.

* British Councils are using Clarity English Teaching Software Courses for all 227 Teaching Centers around the World

* Ministry of Education, Spain

* Ministry of Education (Govt. of Malaysia). All Schools under the Ministry of Education are Using Clarity English Teaching Software Courses

* Cambridge University Press

* Harvard University Library Review

* University of Alberta Distance Learning Program

Please note that almost all the software courses are networkable and therefore can be connected to an existing computer lab giving more value to an existing computer lab and converting it to language teaching lab.

Clarity now also offer Online English Courses.

English Multimedia Language Laboratory :

The software based English multimedia language laboratory offers all the functions of a conventional language laboratory but in a digital form and with added features such as moving pictures.

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